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Dora Plus Action 1

Sub-action 1.1 Study and research-related short-term mobility

Short-term mobility may last for up to 30 calendar days (inclusive). The grant can be used to participate in a professional conference, seminar or course, or carry out other educational and research-related activities, for example, working in libraries, using laboratories, developing study materials, working with a supervisor, participating in field work, consultations or other similar tasks, which are closely related to the priorities of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

The grant may be applied by anyone who is:

  • an accredited Master’s student of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences;
  • a lecturer or researcher at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, is not older than 35 years of age on the first day of the mobility, or who has defended their Doctoral Thesis less than 5 years ago. Parental leave can be used to prolong these limitations proportionally;
  • not on academic leave during the mobility;
  • not using this grant together with other mobility grants (the Kristjan Jaak grant, Eramus+, other actions in Dora Plus etc.);
  • not using this grant to visit multiple countries at once.

Grant amount: The maximum amount granted is €2,000 per mobility.

The grants are given according to a ranking list and the principle, that every applicant will receive no more than two mobility grant per academic year.

Expenses covered:

  • travel expenses
  • accommodation
  • allowance: €32 per day, paid no longer than 1 day before the event and 1 day after the event.
  • Participation fee (will be covered according to early bird fees and an expense document/bill, or confirmation by the organizer)

NB! Expenses (except for the participation fee) cannot be covered by other sources (except for personal funding by the applicant).

Additional information HERE.


To apply for the grant, the applicant should fill the application form and applications are accepted four times during a calendar year:

  • 1 February (visits starting from April, 1)
  • 1 May (visits starting from July,1)
  • 1 September (visits starting from November, 1)
  • 1 November (visits starting from January, 1)

The EUAS Dora Plus council will make a decision and submit the grants for approval to Education and Youth Board by the 10th of the month following the deadline.

There must be a 6-week period between the 10th of the month following the deadline to the start of the mobility (Education and Youth Board reserves the right to allow exceptions)! 

Important! Using the European Regional Development Fund must be proven on paper. If the documents are not submitted on time, the grant must be returned. The grant is also withdrawn, if the applicant does not submit their report on time.


The Dora Plus programme are funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Estonia. Both grantees and universities must cite the European Regional Development Fund’s Dora Plus programme. This is not a complicated task – just add the logos of the EU Regional Development Fund and Education and Youth Board , or cite them in text (e.g. “This article was funded by the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund”).

Please also read the procedure for applying for sub-action 1.1

Additional information:

Mari Taalmann
Dora Plus A1.1 and A2 coordinator