Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, Tallinn, Estonia +372 610 1900

We help every foreign student find suitable accommodation in Tallinn. "Great, but what's it going to cost?", you're probably wondering.

Our dormitory, EUAS Student Hostel, has 82 places that are reserved for foreign students. A place in a larger double room is available at EUR 250 a month (includes utilities). A place in a smaller (bunk bed) double room is available at EUR 200 a month (includes utilities).

EUAS Student Hostel is located in a three-floor building next to EUAS main building. Lecture halls, bus and tram stops to Tallinn city centre and Estonia's largest shopping mall are all within three minutes' walk.

We expect foreign students to stay at EUAS Student Hostel for at least their first semester. Should the hostel not have any vacancies or in any case after your first semester, you can also find an apartment for yourself or together with friends.

2-3 room apartments for rent in Tallinn are around 600 euros a month plus the utilities (100-300 euros a month depending on the size of the apartment, summer/winter etc). You can check it out for yourself at or

During the time it takes for your residence permit for studying to be processed, we'll help you find and book the type of accommodation that suits you.