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Dora Plus Action 2

Sub-action 2.1 Inclusion of foreign Master’s students 

The goals of this action are to support foreign Master’s students studying in Estonia, thereby contributing to the exchange of knowledge, to make the local study process more internationalised and to increase the amount of highly educated workers in Estonia in the long run. As a result of the sub-action, the capability of Estonian higher education institutions to accept international students will increase, as will the numbers of Master’s students attending Estonian schools.

Support is offered to talented foreign Master’s students in Estonian universities. Support is also offered to foreign Master’s students and they can only obtain a grant when studying in Estonia full-time and for one academic year at a time.

The grant can be awarded to a Master’s student of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences:

  • who is a full time international master’s student at EUAS, i.e. has received 54EAP during their first year of studies;
  • who is not a resident of the Republic of Estonia;
  • who is not a citizen of Estonia;
  • whose country of residence is not Estonia;
  • who does not have a permanent residence permit/long-term residence permit;
  • who studies on a nationally certified programme, which is 100% non-Estonian;
  • who has not been in Estonia for more than one year during the past three years, except when they have studied and graduated from a Master’s programme at an Estonian university, and will continue their studies at EUAS on 1 September;
  • who does not receive additional support from other sources. The student will have to confirm the fact. There are exceptions according to the Education and Youth Board statute: studies can be covered from the resources allocated to the university by the Ministry of Education and Research, the Dora Pluss short-term study mobility grants offered to Master’s students, or the smart specialisation grants.
  • who have paid all their invoices submitted by the EUAS

The scholarship for foreign Master’s students is 350 euros per month. The scholarship could be awarded for one academic year for Master´s students, i.e. 10 calendar months at a time.

Conditions for applying for the scholarship:

A free format signed application  to stand as a candidate is submitted to EUAS Dora Plus Coordinator by October 10. The application includes the year of admission, title of the study programme, a confirmation that the student does not receive financial support under other measures and a motivational letter.  

Please read before submitting your application: EUAS procedure for applying for sub-action 2.1 

Additional information:

Mari Taalmann
Dora Plus A2.1 coordinator at EUAS