The international student diaries: Dharshana Soundha Raja, Master´s program

I am Dharshana Soundha Raja, from Sri Lanka. I have been pursuing my Master’s in International Business Administration. I have recently defended my Master´s thesis and I am about to graduate in June.

One of my friends recommended the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) to me and when I started researching, I came to know that EUAS is one of the largest private universities in Estonia. The main reason why I chose EUAS is that it inspires and encourages an entrepreneurial-minded society. EUAS is the place that really helps us to utilize our Theoretical knowledge in our practical life and it changes our lives with skills.

I always aspired to be an entrepreneur and start my own business in the field of software and deliver a great service experience to my clients. Estonia is the finest place to initiate an IT organization, and I can follow through and achieve my long-term goal by building a business that’s futuristic and high performing.  The MBA program has helped me gain a systematic and wide overview of the main concepts of entrepreneurship and administration while helping me improve my knowledge of the IT sector. I am truly happy with my choice of University and the study program. Also, the lecturers are really experienced and are always kind and helpful. 

Though I was an international student, I had heard from a lot of people that everyone is welcome here once we start to communicate with them. So, fortunately, I did not have any fear of coming to a new country. I loved learning Eesti keel (Estonian language), it is a super cool process by itself and helped me adapt easily. Something else that I really liked was the peaceful and calm surroundings. Many times, if I faced any challenge, the quiet spaces helped me cope and take care of my own mental health, performance, and workability. In addition to this, I would say, the e-services in Estonia are the best thing to have happened to the world. It is a part of my everyday life, and I am enjoying the value created to the core and experiencing the great outcome by having access to everything from anywhere.

I have always considered myself my own inspiration. This may sound surprising, but I have always pushed myself to achieve what I need, and I never take a step back till I reach my goal. I have gained more self-confidence and developed an independent mindset since I have come to Estonia. Being away from my family has helped me make decisions individualistically, whatever the situation. The specialised knowledge and skills that my MBA program has helped me achieve while studying have only aided me further and everyone at EUAS has been really supportive. I believe there will be more learning curves and challenges ahead and I am excited to meet all of those.

I would recommend all future students to go through the curriculum in detail and read what each subject of the study offers, as each focuses on a different area and gives a deeper knowledge of a specific field. It would greatly help any future student to carve out a successful output and it would also give the boost needed to achieve more.

Currently, I am working at Playtech as a Technical Account Manager, and it is just a ‘’wow’’ place. I am fortunate to be here and every day I am improving my technical knowledge. I am building a great career currently where my responsibility and teamwork skills are growing deeper through interesting activities in my career. I believe the skills and experiences which I have been gaining from my role would lead me to walk towards my goal with more confidence in the future. Much thanks to EUAS for giving me the great opportunity to achieve everything at its best.