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  • 27.01.2021: Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood’i töötuba
    27. jaanuaril toimub Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood’i töötuba Creating Sustainable Value with True Impact: A Workshop on Redefining; Redesigning & Delivering – “The Good Life”.

    Eesti Kvaliteediühing tähistab 26. jaanuaril 2021 oma 30. sünnipäeva rahvusvahelise juhtimiskonverentsiga "TAASKÄIVITUS", vaata lähemalt siin:

    27. jaanuaril toimub konverentsi peaesineja Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood töötuba ”Creating Sustainable Value with True Impact: A Workshop on Redefining; Redesigning & Delivering – “The Good Life”
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    Rohkem infot töötoa kohta: 

    This Zoom workshop on 27 January 2021 by Dr Robin Lincoln Wood is designed to help you create sustainable value with true impact in all systems at all levels. It is based upon a very successful webinar series and delivered in three two-hour sessions. The first hour of each session is an animated powerpoint story & conversation, followed by breakout groups and a closing session eliciting key takeaways. Participants also get a recording of each session for later playback.

    The content of this workshop is based on the book: “Making Good Happen- Pathways to a Thriving Future”, in which the Six Pathways to a Thriveable 2050 are illustrated and narrated.

    The relevance of this approach to the new EFQM framework: “Direction (Why?), Execution (How?) and Results (What?)” will be highlighted. The emphasis is on how to deliver True Impact that helps us hit the Paris Agreement target of less than 1.5C global warming, while building a thriving organization that is future fit.

    Workshop participants are invited to order a copy of the book “Making Good Happen” to enhance their learning in the workshop. You can order a Kindle copy from Amazon with this link for €8.49:

    There are specific exercises after each chapter that will help you get to grips with the key concepts as well as enable you to review your own understanding.

    An introductive presentation is available here: Workshop- Creating Sustainable Value with True Impact

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