The international student diaries: Ani Serobyan, Armenia, Bachelor´s program

My personal story as an international student – I wanted to gain more knowledge about starting and managing a business.

I am Ani. Born in Armenia, I have been living in Estonia for 4 years now, and soon will be an alumnus of the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS). A lot of students from my country had come to EUAS for studies and listening to them talk about the teaching methods, flexible lecture schedules and the support they got from EUAS inspired me to join the Business Management course with the specialty of Enterprise ManagementI wanted to gain more knowledge about starting and managing a business, and as an international student, I must admit that I am very happy with the study program and the choice of my university. Each of our lecturers is an expert in their own field and what they teach is close-to-life and practical. Their experience makes it easier to understand the subject and study.


Before relocating to Estonia, my only fear was that I would not be able to survive the winters. But after the first one, I adapted. Armenian and Estonian social life is quite similar, but in Armenia, we mostly have locals around, while in Estonia, we get to meet people from different countries and cultures, and it broadens our worldview. During the first 6 months in Estonia, even though we were required to do some team activities and interact with other students, I was mostly by myself, and I spent my time exploring Tallinn and other places around. I love that there is so much of nature that one can explore. The landscape has a lot of forests as well as beaches. I love watching the sunset by the sea, something that we don’t have in Armenia. I also love Tallinn Old town, some of the architecture is quite like Armenia but most of the architecture that I see here is very different from what I have seen usually. The e-services in Estonia are fast and secure, and very convenient. It saves a lot of time and whatever information you need or any request that you need to make, you can do it online. No need to go anywhere, wait long for your turn, and waste time. It’s amazing!


I am an enthusiastic person and I love new challenges. Doing something new inspires me. I love visiting new places I have never been to and seeing new things. I love meeting new people, and when in Estonia I see someone’s eyes shining with happiness it motivates me to get out of my comfort zone and do more, and my achievements influence me even further. I plan to use my knowledge from EUAS and experience to establish my own company.

I would advise all future students to choose their path carefully. I would say don’t even think about something that you don’t want, do what your heart tells you. I chose EUAS to lay my future, I would say consider where you want to be and choose your future wisely.