Why should you participate in an Erasmus Exchange Program? Archit gives his reasons!

Archit Nigam, a participant in the Creativity and Business Innovation program at EUAS, recently completed an Erasmus+ study exchange semester at ISCAP in Portugal during the Fall of 2023. Reflecting on his university experience, he can confidently say that studying abroad is an invaluable experience that he believes every university student should undertake, if possible, for a multitude of reasons.

There are a multiple reasons why students decide to participate in an Erasmus Exchange Program. Traveling, for instance, serves as a primary motivation for studying abroad, offering a unique form of happiness derived from exploring new cultures and navigating unfamiliar territories. The spontaneous trips taken during a year or semester abroad create countless stories to share. Additionally, the opportunity to forge new friendships is a significant aspect of the study abroad experience. Programs like Erasmus are filled with people who are just like you. Most participants embark on Erasmus alone, but they all share the same goal of having the time of their lives. 

Take a moment to watch the video showcasing Archit’s adventures in Portugal during his leisure time.

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