BIP program “Challenges in Entrepreneurship”

Four students from EUAS Creativity and Business Innovation International, namely Daniel, Doreen, Murad, and Alejo, had the chance to participate in the Erasmus BIP program “Challenges in Entrepreneurship” organized by the University College Leuven-Limburg in Belgium. The program took place from March 4th to March 8th, 2024.

Doreen’s decision to join the course stemmed from her desire to gain more entrepreneurial experience by sharing ideas and knowledge with students from across Europe. On the other hand, Daniel opted to take part in the program to explore a new country, interact with new people, experience a different culture, and because he found the program intriguing.

Daniel mentioned that the schedule was well-organized right from day one, including guest lectures, team activities, sports, a brewery visit, and even a dance party. He appreciated the variety of activities and believes his peers would concur. One highlight for him was the ice-skating session, as it allowed him to try a new sport and bond with students from various universities. Additionally, he couldn’t help but praise the delicious waffles and bagels, especially the waffles.

Both Daniel and Doreen wholeheartedly recommend an Erasmus+ BIP programs to other students. Daniel often shares his stories and adventures from different programs with his classmates, who eagerly listen. The friendships, networking opportunities, and significant improvement in French language skills are reasons why they highly recommend the UCLL BIP program.