BIP Creative Branding program in Belgium

Irmelin, Alex, Kristine, and Raina, four Marketing students from EUAS, had the privilege of participating in the BIP Creative Branding program at UC Leuven in Belgium from 24.03-29.03.2024. Reflecting on their experience, they discuss their motivations for joining the program, recount their memorable days in Belgium, and emphasize the importance of other students seizing similar opportunities.

What were the reasons that made you want to participate in an Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program (BIP)?

Kristine: „The reasons that motivated me to participate in an Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program (BIP) were to gain experience in studying abroad, particularly to delve deeper into topics such as Branding, Pitching, and the TikTok marketing platform. I also wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone.“

Raina: „It seemed to be a good opportunity to visit another university, to gain new experiences both by working together and by practicing the language. It was also a good way to gain new knowledge for a small fee, as Erasmus also offers financial support.“

Alex: „It was my second Erasmus+ programme this year and I am in love with these kinds of opportunities to combine study and traveling together. Communicating with ambitious youngsters and seeing different cultures. Astonishing opportunity that helps me to build up my future life in every way!“

Irmelin: „I chose the program based on the course description. As a marketing student this intensive program offered practical knowledge and understanding how to use TikTok.“

Describe the days of your mobility (classes, trips, free time).

Kristine: „During my mobility period, the days were filled with intensive lectures and workshops. We worked in international groups to develop a strategy for PepsiCo’s campaign on TikTok, and on the final day, we pitched our ideas to them. Additionally, we had various activities to explore the city, experience Belgian culture, cuisine, and drinks. A variety of activities were planned throughout the week.“

Raina: „I fully agree with Kristine, there were a lot of joint activities like a pub visit, a visit to a chocolate factory, a visit to Ghent, plus we had a lot of workshops with our groups.“

Alex: „Whole period went quickly thanks to organized programmes and practical activities. Workshops during daytime, city discovering combined with practical activities and of course Leuven nightlife. Best city I have ever visited for students.“

Irmelin: „Days were intensive and activities well planned. Mornings started with lectures, followed by group work, a planned trip to Ghent with plenty of free time to explore around and an interesting chocolate factory visit.“

What was the most unforgettable memory of your short term mobility period?

Kristine: „The most unforgettable memory of my short-term mobility period was the Gala dinner on Thursday.“

Raina: „There were a lot of good experiences during my time in Leuven. I liked the workshops the most, where you had to keep up team spirit and stick to the times. We were divided into groups of 5 and together we had to solve different tasks related to TikTok.“

Alex: „During the whole week my favorite activity was on the second night where we had a local pub crawl and opportunity to catch up with everybody. Vibe was excellent and everybody enjoyed it.“

Irmelin: „I liked the first day’s teambuilding event where we had to take pictures of specified places together with my team members. And most memorable moment was when my team announced to be a winner of the competition 🏆.“

Would you recommend Erasmus+ BIP to other students? Why?

Kristine: „Absolutely, I would recommend the Erasmus+ BIP to other students. It’s definitely worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. While it may pose challenges, it’s a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your field, gain a broader cultural perspective, and challenge yourself to adapt. It may even lead to valuable friendships or contacts.“

Raina: „The Erasmus programme allows anyone to gain new experiences for a small fee, and if you’re good at budgeting you can get them for free. I would recommend everyone to do a short experience like I did, despite having 2 small children at home and a job. A chance to discover the world, travel, get language experience and meet new people. See how learning works in other parts of the world.“

Alex: „I really do not know any less riskier way to travel the world and meet new successful people. Programme fees are basically covered by Erasmus+ itself so You just have to go and enjoy. Life is too short to be scared of things You have not tried. Ask Yourself, what can possibly be the worst thing that can happen? There can not be anything if You are adventurous, open minded and willing to develop.“

Irmelin: „Yes, definitely. This is a great opportunity to travel, experience new culture and meet like minded people. Despite the challenge that a short program can be intensive then it’s doable timeframe to leave behind other activities. Worth every penny.“

What do you think this experience gave you?

Kristine: „This experience provided me with new skills, friendships, new perspectives, and ideas. It broadened my view on opportunities and cultures, increased my self-assurance, and gave me the confidence to pursue similar experiences and opportunities in the future.“

Raina: „Here’s a thought: don’t underestimate your skills, knowledge and the possibility of working in another culture. It’s never too late to try something new, even if it seems scary at first.“

Alex: „This experience gave me a lot, including new friendships and contacts from all over Central-Europe. The feeling when you realize this is You doing the programme in foreign country is spectacular. All the good changes happen in an uncomfortable zone, self explanation in another language, thinking outside of the box and living the life You truly dream of.“

Irmelin: „This week in Leuven definitely gave me new ideas I can use both in the marketing field and in everyday life. I gained a deeper understanding about TikTok and branding in general. I also got lots of contacts and valuable experiences.“

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