The international student diaries: Navya Chandrasekharan, Master´s program alumna

No matter where you are or where you go, your experience and success are primarily dependent on you and how motivated you are. If you ever lose motivation, keep going and establish priorities.

Navya Chandrasekharan is an Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) alumna with a Cum Laude diploma, an engineer, and a sustainable development enthusiast. She was successful in her exploratory research for her master´s thesis related to the development areas of Ülemiste City as a future city, was of practical value and contributed to Ülemiste City and the organisations involved in the smart city, and was rewarded with the scholarship of the Ülo Pärnits Education Foundation. She received her master’s degree in International Business Administration from EUAS last winter. She comes from an academic environment and, therefore, has always enjoyed learning and research possibilities. Due to her dedication and commitment to her studies, she received an invitation this year from both the President of the Estonian Republic and the Minister of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research to the reception of this year’s top graduates.


She relocated to Estonia to pursue her master’s degree and soon after received a job offer from Wise. She made the decision to make the most of her time by continuing her education and gaining work experience at the same time. A strategic partner of EUAS, an educational agency in her own country, gave her advice on choosing EUAS. She pursued her previous studies in China. Because she considers herself a global person, the next step in education, a Ph.D. degree, might potentially be in a different country as she’s exploring her options right now. Navya is currently employed with Wise Ltd. as a Business Support Associate. Her transition to Estonia went smoothly and easily. She participated in the Estonian Institute’s educational program “Culture Step.” The program includes lectures, discussions, study tours, and seminars, and offers non-natives an introduction to Estonian culture, history, nature, and daily life in Tallinn. She was drawn to the program because of her love for travel and culture. In addition, she enjoys stargazing and birdwatching.

Navya says: “No matter where you’re at in life, never stop learning, and never lose hope.”

(The photo with the President of the Estonian Republic, Alar Karis, was taken during the reception of this year´s top graduates in 2022.)