Spanish students at EUAS

We are Alonso, Estela, Janette and Amanda — Erasmus+ mobility students from Valladolid, Spain. The four of us are studying a double degree in Business, with Labour Relations and Human Resources. Each of us has liked travelling since we were young, hence we wanted to participate in an experience, much like this one, of being able to live abroad for a certain period of time. To achieve this, we immediately signed up for exchange studies after being informed about the possibility.

None of us had been to Estonia before, which makes being here something incredible. Before we arrived, we only thought about how it is going to be very cold — and cold it is indeed!

We chose the mobility to Estonia because we had never been here, and it was so far away from home. To add, being able to study for our degree in a country full of start-ups, like Estonia, means that we could learn about other entrepreneurial visions. Thankfully, EUAS has enabled us to achieve this.

Studying at EUAS differs greatly from studying for a degree in Spain. At EUAS, we are taught to implement all our business knowledge, which we have acquired over the years, to impregnate them in a group work or actually work towards forming our own business. Shortly put, the classes are not only theoretical but prove useful for the future.

Engaging in the Erasmus+ experience has taught us a lot about Estonian and other cultures, as they differ a lot from the Spanish cultural scene. Also, meeting other Erasmus+ mobility people, as well as other international students, has made us more open-minded and our English skills have improved rather well.

We believe, that everyone who can afford to participate in an Erasmus+ mobility should do it. The experience allows everyone to get to know other countries, cultures, and people; it provides us with opportunities to grow and see how independent one could actually be. We only spent one semester here, but we encourage everyone to study for a whole year as 6 months pass rather rapidly.


To conclude, the Erasmus+ mobility has changed our lives. We live with our parents in Spain, however, moving so far away from home – to Estonia – to study on our own has prompted us to grow as people. Now we know how to live independently while speaking a language that is not our native one. It has been an incredible experience and we will be truly sad to return to Spain. We wish Erasmus+ was for life.

With EUAS and Tallinn in our hearts.