Business Management student Kristina Alberg exchange semester at Thomas More University in Belgium

Hello, my name is Kristina Alberg, and I am from Estonia. I am a student at the Estonian University of Applied Sciences, major Business Management. I always dreamed to study and live abroad, so at the beginning of the 2022 autumn semester, I decided to apply for the ERASMUS+ program. I had a big variety of countries and universities to choose between, but my final decision was Belgium and Thomas More University. I chose Belgium and Thomas More because they had a major, I needed, and their study program was more interesting for me.

When I arrived in Belgium, I liked it from the beginning. I have met a lot of exchange students and we are still friends after we ended our exchange. I had my ups and downs as well, but I had my friends who were in Estonia, and they supported me. My new friends that I met in Belgium also helped me, and I helped them since it was the first time being away from families for all of us. I had a lot of unforgettable memories together with my friends which I will never forget.

I would recommend to take part of such an opportunity and participate in ERASMUS+ Program, because participating in this program will bring you new international friends, you will learn how to live alone, you will get to know other cultures and explore new cities, travel to neighboring countries. It is also good for your future career, the employer will see you have been abroad, so you have good communication and language skills. Yes, it is not easy to be new in another country, but it was the best experience in my life.